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Bringing together SOFTWARE developers, architects, and data scientists

Join us for the OpenEarth® Community Day on Thursday, August 29 and discover strategies to help transform your business potential. Hear thought-provoking keynote speakers who will share their experience with data and the infinite possibilities of digital solutions in oil and gas (O&G) technologies. Explore our rich agenda, and dive into a topic of your choice below:
  • Data Integration | Geoscience | Data Science

  • Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence | Big Data

  • Internet of Things (IoT) | Real Time | Automation

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Call for papers

Are you interested in presenting at OEC Day 2019?

OEC DAY Hackathon 2019

The OEC Day Hackathon event enables a global audience to work together on challenging O&G problems. The OEC provides a place for worldwide innovation and collaboration in an open platform. This focus on innovation for platform development and enterprise applications will help unlock the infinite possibilities in O&G exploration through digital modeling. Utilizing and building on the OEC platform will bring solutions to operators and lower overall costs quicker than with traditional practices.

For the 2019 OEC Day Hackathon event, we will be welcoming innovations in the areas of:

  • DecisionSpace® Geosciences plug-ins (interpretation and modeling)

  • Data management

  • Costing and/or risk assessments

Plan to participate in this Hackathon by registering for OEC Day!


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