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  7:00 AM Registration | Networking Breakfast
  9:00 AM Welcome | Chandra Yeleshwarapu, Senior Director of Digital Transformation and Emerging X, Halliburton
   Keynote | Dimitris Geragas, Senior Expert Partner, and Global Practice Lead for Data and Market Analytics, Gartner
   Keynote | Patricia Florissi, VP, Global CTO for Sales & EMC Distinguished Engineer, DellEMC
   Networking Break
   Keynote | Trond Ellefsen, CEO, INVATARE and Emerging Technologies Demo:
   Keshava Rangarajan, Chief Architect Landmark R&D, Halliburton
   Keynote | Koen van den Biggelaar, Head of AWS Solution Architecture Energy, Amazon Web Services
11:30 AM Networking Lunch
12:30 PM User Group Meetings | OEC Developer Summit Breakouts | Networking Break
  4:30 PM Evening Reception
  6:00 PM Landmark Alumni Event

Technical Breakout Sessions

12:30 PM

An Introduction to the OpenEarth® Community and its Offerings

Shekhar Mishra, Architect and Product Manager of OpenEarth® Community, Halliburton

12:45 PM

Learn Application Development to Consumption (Production Deployment) in 30 minutes

Sheng Hong Pan, Software Developer, Halliburton

1:15 PM

Geosciences – Easy Steps to Seismic Attribute Calculations Using OEC

Joseph Peng, Software Architect & Mastana Rao Kunapareddy, Team Lead, Halliburton

2:15 PM

Learn How Integration Server is Making Life Easy to Consume E&P Data (Includes Python Hands-on)

Shakir Shaik, Architect, DecisionSpace® Integration Server (DSIS) Software, Halliburton

2:45 PM

Building Web Applications Using Web Framework Available in OEC And Building Workflow Orchestration Using DecisionSpace® Business Process Management Engine Available in OEC

Jyothi Dronamraju, Development Lead, Halliburton

3:30 PM

Using Digital Well Program™ Solution to Customize the Well Design Process

Tej Kiran Medapally, Team Lead, Halliburton

12:30 PM

DecisionSpace® 365 Enterprise Services Software – Modern Approach for Service Lifecycle

Maurice Gehin, Solution Architect, Halliburton

1:15 PM

OpenEarth® Community – Enabling Development via DevOps and Collaboration

Shekhar Mishra, Architect and Product Manager of OpenEarth® Community, Halliburton

2:15 PM

Integrated Development Platform for E&P

Srini Kethireddipalli, Delivery Manager, Halliburton

3:00 PM

Assisted Lithology Interpretation – Turning A Machine Learning Scientific Algorithm into Product Using OEC and DSIS

Matthew Gerring, Delivery Manager, Halliburton

3:30 PM

DecisionSpace® 365 Seismic Engine Software – How to Build A Highly Scalable Seismic Processing Application

Alejandro Tapia, Delivery Manager, Halliburton

12:30 PM

A Collaborative Analysis Solution for Integrated Data from Drilling Operations, Daily Reports, and Real Time

Damián Martínez, Senior Consultant and Data Scientist, Halliburton

1:00 PM

Creating Scalable Data Science Applications in OEC

Nasikul Islam, Industry Solutions Advisor, Halliburton

1:30 PM

Design Thinking for E&P Software Innovation

Asim Ghaffar, Vice President R&D, LMKR

2:15 PM

How OEC Can Help With Project Management and Development

Claudia Moussis, Senior Project Manager and Scrum Master, Halliburton

2:45 PM

Delivering Innovation at Scale – Getting Ideas to Value in the Oil and Gas Space

Neil Christianson, Sales and Delivery Lead, Houston Innovation Hub, Accenture

3:15 PM

Optimized Production Solutions – DevOps Practices

Peihu Wang, Service Senior Consultant and Product Owner, Halliburton

12:30 PM

Agile Data Science with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

John Archer, Principal Energy Solution Architect, Cloud Platform, Red Hat

1:00 PM

New Science and Innovation Breakthroughs in IoT Prognostics

Kenny Gross, AI Solutions Architect, Oracle America, Inc

1:30 PM

Building Open Platforms in the Kubernetes Renaissance

Corby Page, Advisory Platform Architect, Pivotal

2:15 PM

AI-Powered Geosteering-Based Drilling Optimization with Reinforcement Learning

Shashi Dande, Principal Architect & Srinath Madasu, Senior Technical Advisor, Halliburton

2:45 PM

Field Gas Lift Distributed Optimization with Automated Control for Holonic Systems

Srinath Madasu, Senior Technical Advisor & Shashi Dande, Principal Architect, Halliburton

3:15 PM

Intelligent Predictive Maintenance as a Service (IPMaaS)

Rohan Lewis, Intern, Landmark R&D Software Engineering and Aditya Chemudupaty, Software Developer, Halliburton

4:00 PM

ASTRA – Rapid Digital Transformation of Legacy to Cloud-Native Applications

Shrinivas Kamalapur, Principal Consultant, Wipro Technologies & Venugopal Devarapalli, Machine Learning Engineer, Halliburton and Rucha Deshpande, Senior Software Developer, Lumina

12:30 PM AND 2:15 PM


Introduction to the Data Science Life Cycle, Machine Learning Methods (Supervised and Unsupervised Learning), and Optimization in the Oil and Gas Industry

Supervised Regression: ROP Prediction (Linear, ANN)

Supervised Classification: Rig State Prediction (Logistic Regression, Decision Trees)

Unsupervised: Rock Facies Clustering (K-means)

Optimization: Bayesian Optimization in Drilling