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About the Community

Over the past 30 years, exploration and production (E&P) enterprise software platforms have been primarily developed as proprietary and domain-specific closed systems. This, however, causes challenges in managing the transfer of information between applications and upgrades without losing valuable data and context.

Companies have to make difficult decisions on which platforms to adopt, and they are often restricted by select features provided by the platform developers. Many times, they are also further restricted to applications that are the easiest to integrate over the applications that best meet their respective company’s needs.

With these restrictions in mind, our industry needs a new approach – an open community approach. We need to rethink how our businesses can work together in order to accelerate innovation and streamline the adoption of new technologies. We need a place where we can meet not as marketplace competitors, but as global problem solvers. The OpenEarth® Community is that platform.

With this centralized foundation, we can shift our resources from simply keeping up with our individual business goals to actually advancing the industry toward a better future. The OpenEarth Community is a collaborative environment for petrotechnical computing – an open environment empowering geoscientists, engineers, and software developers to come together with a shared goal: to reduce the cost of keeping technology up to date while also accelerating the pace of innovation.

Members of the OpenEarth Community are industry champions and pioneers who are establishing better ways to approach exploration, development, and production. United by the cloud, we are paving the way toward simplifying application development, consolidating digital platforms, and rapidly deploying new technologies.

Join the OpenEarth Community today and help reshape how our industry approaches innovation.

Unlimited opportunities for developers. Results for decision makers.

Modern, flexible and scalable development environment. 

Trusted and certified applications and data services enable rapid solution development.

Production of highly integrated and scalable applications solutions.

Ability to focus forward investment on their differentiated O&G IP, science and asset-centric workflows.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership driven by lower maintenance and support costs.

Increased operational performance through connecting components (data and software).