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What is the need for an O&G platform?

It is well recognized that the move to cloud computing is going to unlock significant value for the oil and gas sector. The pre-requisite to migrating to and operating the lowest TCO is a modern, cloud platform. A modern oil and gas cloud platform is characterized by support for Oil and Gas applications, micro-services and containers, polyglot languages and optimized for running on a variety of infrastructure and service offerings. This platform will replace the multiple proprietary, legacy, domain specific platforms that serve as the workhorses of the industry, requires the harnessing of modern, open source technologies and personalizing them for our industry's needs. The OEC is both a contemporary platform from which to start this process and a set of operating principles designed to achieve this outcome.


The OpenEarth® Community (OEC) is a free, global and open community of scientists, engineers and software developers in oil and gas companies, service companies, software providers, data vendors and technology developers committed to producing an open and shared O&G software platform to rapidly lower the cost and accelerate the pace of innovation in the O&G Industry. OEC is working with both customers and vendors from across the industry to deliver this ambition and is driven by a shared passion to make access free to all – and to harness the power of the community.

What is the current status of the community and who are the current participants?

As of market introduction, there are a dozen participants including super majors, independents, science and software providers, etc. Please contact us to get a list of the participants. The working group has finalized the charter and membership agreement documents and is in the final review phase. The technical aspects of the community, including the basic platform and DevOps are available and in working order. They will be made available as soon as the working group has finalized the charter and agreements.

Unlimited opportunities for developers. Results for decision makers.

Ability to focus forward investment on their differentiated O&G IP, science and asset-centric workflows.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership driven by lower maintenance and support costs.

Increased operational performance through connecting components (data and software).

Modern, flexible and scalable development environment. 

Trusted and certified applications and data services enable rapid solution development.

Production of highly integrated and scalable applications solutions.

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